Lauraland 2” Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Size: Queen)

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The right choice will make you have a better sleep

Lauraland has always been very concerned about the user experience, and we have been updating our products and services. 

Gel Memory The Foam Mattress Topper solves all the unpleasant problems with its unique design and materials.

Offers quality online services and offers you the highest quality products at the most reasonable cost.




  • High resilience
  • Dispersion pressure
  • Relieve physical pain
  • Soft and cool
  • Upgrade your hard mattress



Use it to instantly add comfort to your mattress. The soft support memory foam helps to relieve pressure points by evenly distributing the weight, keeping the spine in the correct alignment, it is more breathable and more elastic, and the foam is CertiPUR-US certified quality standard. There are no security issues.

Lauraland wants to give you the most comfortable sleep experience. If you prefer the original feel of the mattress, then 2 inches is your choice.